Thu, 20/12/12 – 16:44 | No Comment

As a child I used to love travelling in the car with my parents and my brothers. As soon as we stepped out of the house we all raced to the doors to ensure …

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My First Kia: Made Out of Cardboard Boxes…
Wednesday, 12 Dec, 2012 – 22:35 | No Comment

We all have memories of our first cars. Mine was a Rover MG. It was a great little run around, getting me from A to B and definitely had its fair share of …

If you could only rely on one car for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Monday, 10 Dec, 2012 – 15:34 | No Comment

It’s time to spill the beans guys…
If you could only choose to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If you could only choose to live in one place …

The Citroën DS5 Experience (Video)
Tuesday, 13 Mar, 2012 – 16:25 | One Comment
The Citroën DS5 Experience (Video)

Recently five lucky people won a luxury weekend in the South of France. If that wasn’t enough, they were sent off to drive and review the New Citroën DS5 before its UK launch. Pretty exciting …

The Volvo Ocean Race (Video)
Thursday, 8 Mar, 2012 – 20:35 | No Comment
The Volvo Ocean Race (Video)

Volvo may not be the most exciting noun in the world. In fact for many, the poor old Volvo brand is synonymous with a kind of reliability that is embarrassingly dull. But Volvo doesn’t just …

Introducing The Small Yet Mighty Kia Picanto
Thursday, 30 Jun, 2011 – 14:55 | No Comment
Introducing The Small Yet Mighty Kia Picanto

Using animals as a metaphor of the characteristics of a new car is a popular technique of television adverts these days, the obvious is Jaguar, but it’s not always a powerful, graceful member of the …

Nissan Leaf: The 100% Electronic Car
Thursday, 30 Jun, 2011 – 14:00 | No Comment
Nissan Leaf: The 100% Electronic Car

Electronic cars will undoubtedly become standard over the next few decades as fossil fuels continue on their journey towards their inevitable demise. There have been electronic cars all ready, like the infamous hybrid car the …

Nissan Juke Gets Its Own Advert
Wednesday, 22 Sep, 2010 – 8:13 | One Comment

We’ve all seen the great QASHQAI Adverts where Nissan’s cool ‘urban proof mastered’ car dodges paintballs, well, you know the Juke that makes a cheeky appearance at the end and tips red paint all over …

The Renault Megane Experiment: Can a Car Change a Town?
Tuesday, 17 Aug, 2010 – 10:57 | No Comment

Can a car change a town? asks Renault in their latest ad campaign for the Megane. The campaign, called ‘The Mégane Experiment’, features a film of an actor named ‘Claude’ who goes to Gisburn, Lancashire …

New ‘Naughty’ Volvo S60: Find the Naughtiest City in Europe
Thursday, 5 Aug, 2010 – 8:00 | No Comment

In celebration of their all new ‘naughty’ S60, Volvo has set out to find which European City is the naughtiest. Everyone has a naughty side they say, and to prove it they’ve gone all …

Sponsored: A cockpit. An engine. Two wings. Is this still a car?
Thursday, 7 Jan, 2010 – 10:49 | No Comment

If you’re a racing enthusiast then the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG could be next on your wish list. As the Mercedes Benz spreads it wings and flies up in the air you are absolutely …